Spring / Summer 2023

Online classes

Classes will meet for 3 hours per week on Zoom and will be recorded in high-definition video for students to watch anytime during the session. We will maintain a blog for registered students that contains reference images and helpful information; students are welcome to work on independent projects using their own references or use the references provided in the class. All students are encouraged to post images of their work to the blog or email them to us for weekly critiques. 

Instructor: Eric Mannella

Cost: $475. + taxes = $546.13 per 10-week session, payable by PayPal or e-transfer

Interested? Send us an email!

Portrait Painting

A class focusing on painting the human form in oil. We will work from sketch methods in grisaille to alla prima colour sketches. We will introduce different approaches to constructing the head using value, lighting, and brushwork to create paintings with a sense of form and volume. Suitable for students who have already tried painting in oil, as well as beginners.

10 weeks: Dates to be announced

Constructive Figure Drawing

A proven method to teach students how to draw the figure. We will discuss construction techniques, drawing methods and materials, light and shadow relationships, and the structure of the body. Suitable for all levels.

10 weeks: Dates to be announced

Landscape Painting

A class investigating relationships of value, composition, colour, atmosphere, and brush handling using oil paint. We will choose a variety of different lighting situations and environments to work from. Suitable for all levels.

Tuesday evenings, 6:30 to 9:30pm on Zoom

10 weeks: Dates to be announced

Instructor demonstrations from online classes:

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